Brooke Lewis- Scream Queen Extraordinaire (Audio)




The beautiful Brooke Lewis



About 2 years ago at my old gig with Icons of Fright, Rob G set me up to interview scream queen Brooke Lewis.  Through my fault and a series of miscommunications, I never got to interview her for Icons.  Fortunately, Brooke is a forgiving person, and was more than willing to let me phone interview her for Death Ensemble tonight.


Scream, Brooke, Scream!



Help Brooke raise funds for Bowling for Boobies


Brooke is a talented scream queen entrepreneur, who runs her own production company and produces many of her films.  She’s won awards for her acting in recent years, and travels the festival circuit, promoting her films.  It’s amazing she has the time to breathe, let alone do a 45 minute phone interview.  I credit her with taking the time out of her extremely busy schedule to give me an exclusive chat for DE.



Vampy in pink



Brooke is also a humanitarian, and is part of the Boobies for Bowling charity for breast cancer, a cause very close to my own heart.  My mom died of breast cancer two years ago, and it’s great to see that a beautiful person such as Brooke is giving back to the world.


Oh, and Brooke is also quite the looker.  But you can see for yourself in the pictures.  Listen on, and enjoy an inside perspective from a positive force  to be reckoned with in the world of the scream queen.


–Phil Fasso


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